Willa is a stunning black & red long coat. 

She is a special female in every way.

She is full of joy, confidence, intelligence, and love. 

She is outgoing and enjoys traveling, swimming, and hiking. Excellent on/off switch.

Willa is a calm, gentle, and devoted mom. She produces puppies that are sound in the mind and body. They are stunning and oh so sweet!

SV Hips & Elbows: A Stamp (equivalent to OFA excellent)

MDR1 & DM N/N Clear 

West German Showline daughter of 

V2 Opal di Casa Massarelli IPO1 and SG Laica von Panoniansee. 

13 wks.jpg


West German Showline daughter of our very own Willa. 

More details will be added after she ages and passes health testing. 

Stay tuned for updates on this long coat little lady..