Our Guardian Home Program allows us to expand our breeding program the right way, by keeping our dogs out of kennels and in homes where they live as cherished family members.

We have the following requirements for our Guardian Homes which will be discussed in more detail…


  • Current or previous experience with German Shepherds, preferred but not required

  • You must own your home, not rent

  • Preferably have a secure fenced yard

  • Provide training, socialization, and love to their LVS puppy

  • Provide safe and attentive care required with an intact dog

  • Provide routine and emergency licensed veterinarian care as needed

  • Provide high quality food and supplements while in our breeding program 

  • Live within 60 minutes of our home, transporting to/from our home, and transporting to/from veterinary clinic. 

  • Understand and sign a Guardian Home Contract

Approved Guardian Homes would be provided our Pick of the Litter puppy that we decide will be a future addition to our breeding program.


When the appropriate time arrives the dog will be health tested to confirm a place in our active breeding program.


We will pay for everything in regards to breeding; registration, health testing, progesterone testing, whelping, etc. 


Once their service to our program has been completed, a spay/neuter is required and then we will transfer full ownership to you, the Forever Home.

Please email lakeviewshepherds@gmail.com and let us know you are interested.