It is my belief that German Shepherds should adhere to the standard, be sound

in body, eager to work, and have solid temperament; which is reflected in our

breeding program.

We seek loving homes for our puppies where they will be spoiled and well cared

for, and NEVER sell to brokers or pet stores!

We do all we can here to get them prepared for their life with you. When it comes

to our dogs and puppies, we spare no expense in providing the care they deserve.

We really do our best to ensure that the puppies are happy, strong, and healthy

before they leave us.


We handle/love our puppies daily from birth and closely monitor for health

status. We expose them to appropriate stimuli such as trusted dogs/cats, children,

sights, smells, sounds, textures and situations as part of their socialization.












We work on potty training, teach the command

"go potty" outside, and work on basic commands before

they leave our home. 


They are all temperament tested to assess their

working abilities and help match them with appropriate homes based on their personalities and families wants/needs.

Puppies are on a preventative de-worming schedule and hope you'll continue with at least monthly deworming to 4 months of age unless your veterinarian recommends otherwise. At 6 weeks; puppies receive a full check-up, microchip, and first set of vaccinations from a veterinarian.


Puppy Selection:


We take weekly, individual photos of all puppies in the litter and will be posting them in an album on our facebook page LakeView Shepherds. We do our best to post group photos and/or videos of the puppies. (Every now & then we have technical issues with Facebook so we may need to update families that reserved via email.)

Puppy selection will begin at 6 weeks old after the temperament test, vet check up, microchip, and 1st vaccine. We spend a lot of time with the puppies and can help determine which puppy would be best suited for your family. However: you will have the ultimate decision. We want you to be very happy with him/her. 

Puppies will be ready for their new homes at 8 weeks old.

Jennifer Bush

Owner/Breeder of LakeView Shepherds

Call/Text 701-318-1713

Email is preferred:

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