It is important for us to produce German Shepherds that are a pleasure to live with, are easy to train, have good social skills, have structural soundness, and are good examples of the breed.

Our puppies are raised inside our home. We are there when they are born, we see them take their first breath, learn to nurse, open their eyes, take their first steps, hear their first bark, wean them, introduce them to the great outdoors, and hold them when they cry.


They are well socialized and raised as members of our family so they are easily adaptable in their new homes.


We give them all we can while they are in our care.

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We work on potty training around 3-4 weeks of age starting with indoor grass potty trays. Once they reach 5 weeks old, they learn to "go potty" outside on the real grass.


We have a fenced in yard where they can run and play but be protected from cars, other dogs, etc. 

We spend hours and hours with each puppy; providing love, care, and learning experiences which prepare them for a smooth transition from our home to yours.


They are exposed to several surfaces/textures: rock, dirt, grass, weeds, foam, blankets, sand, water, newspaper, tarps, concrete, tile, carpet, and wood flooring, etc.

They are exposed to many sights/sounds: people, vacuum, tv, blender, dogs, clapping, vehicles, thunder, hitting pan for noise, umbrella, soft/loud music, fireworks, trampoline, boat, livestock, doorbell, etc.

They are exposed to many toys: rope toys, wobble disk, squeeky toys, crinkly toys, cardboard boxes, adventure box, balance board, tunnel, ball pit, kongs, etc. 

They are exposed to handling/grooming: examining whole body, bathing, brushing, blow dryer, ear cleaning, and weekly nail trims. 

Exposing a puppy to these experiences in a controlled environment will help ensure a confident, adaptable, calm, and psychologically healthy adult dog. 


Puppies are a lot of work for the first several months, so please research and have a routine/plan in place for continuing where we left off to train and socialize the most amazing puppy!

Don't worry though. We provide Lifetime Breeder Support. That means our relationship doesn't end when the puppy leaves our care.


We will be available for any questions. concerns, advice, or just sharing in the excitement of accomplishments throughout his/her life!!